L2 Competitive Analysis

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@Jeremy Miles: A lot of people that turned me onto OMG are now stating that Terra is fulfilling OMG's purpose, leaving it obsolete. I'd love a strong comparison between the two.

@Alex: Comparing the L2's that "directly" connect to ETH. And an explanation what are bridges and how do they compare to a childchain like OMG. Possible use cases and limitations.

@Nebali: : Maybe a good place to start is to put the things you’re hearing about other L2s into a doc, and coordinating with those who are deeper in the trenches to come up with responses. There was that table that matter labs (iirc) last year that got a lot of traction, but is probably out of date now. If we could fork that and keep it up-to-date, potential for it to be the go-to source for anybody looking for info on L2s. Raid Guid is also maintaining indexed.wtf, might collaborate with them to keep profiles up to date

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