Will there be any requirements for OMG staking?

It is incredibly important for decentralized platforms and apps to have the property of being accessible to normal people with normal computers to normal wallets. If we end up with a system where only really wealthy people can participate and make more money, then we've failed. It is incredibly important to us to make sure that anyone can contribute to the system, and can also benefit from the system. The last thing we want is some absurdly high requirement to participate. That's not only true for some kind of minimum ETH requirements, that also influences how we're trying to design the code and also the deployment of the system.

We want to make it as intelligible and as accessible to the largest number of people possible. That influences what we do on the technology side, but also influences how we design systems for people to get engaged and participate, and also benefit from the system. The simple answer here is that we will do absolutely everything we can to avoid any kind of significant barriers to entry or very high requirements.