What's the difference between the OMGX platform and what Optimism is working on?

In terms of differences between OMGX and Optimism, one is our fast-exit mechanism available from day one is swap-based, community-driven, and market-based, meaning the market will be able to add additional currency pairs to swap between the L1/L2 boundary. It is not dictated by us, or by any one project that we partner with. Another key difference is, going forward, we are going to be adding the ability for smart contract developers to take advantage of more complex algorithms off-chain and integrate those results back into the smart contracts.

One additional thing to add, and I'm speaking to everyone on this call right now. We are not some little island in some lab in some basement all by ourselves trying to develop these technologies. We are extremely eager to have the community participate. We are extremely eager to get feedback. We're extremely eager to get questions. We are extremely eager to get issues added to the Github. So just personally speaking, and I'm sure this is true for Alan and everyone else on our side. Don't be scared to ask questions. Don't be scared to tell us what we need to do differently, because a large part of why we're actually doing this reflects our belief in a decentralized way of doing things. That fundamentally involves this being a distributed community project. So to make that absolutely clear. If you have questions, if you have suggestions, if you want to get engaged, this is something that's incredibly important to us. Every single person who comes to us and says: "Hey, you guys are complete fools. You should actually be doing it this other way." We love that kind of feedback. I'd like to encourage every single person on this call. If you have ideas, if you want to get engaged, if you want to help us in any way, please let us know. Right away! This is something we are very excited and happy about. Please do that as much as you can, don't be scared.