What kind of incentivized role do OMG stakers have?

To answer the question we need to understand the differences between OMGX and ETH2, where you have stakers. OMGX is not a proof-of-stake protocol, right? So the "stakers" on OMGX would not be performing the same kind of role as stakers on ETH2.

From the get-go, we're going to begin by offering opportunities for the community to participate in the liquidity pools that underpin the swap-based mechanism for moving funds between L1 and L2. It's a form of liquidity staking and the stakers in these pools will receive a portion of the convenience fees that users pay into, using these features. That's the initial plan for staking on OMGX, a form of liquidity staking.

Over time, we'll work on making various components of OMGX easier to run so that there's broad community participation in the operation of the network, and operating these nodes will come with rewards.