What is the benefit in using OMGX over Optimism PBC or Arbitrum?

Many of the benefits are that you get fast access from day one and you don't have to wait, we are not dependent on partners to deliver that capability, and in addition our fast exit mechanism is based on a swap based mechanism backed by liquidity pools. We will be putting in assets to back these pools in the beginning but we're not stopping there. We're also opening up these pools for any of our community members to stake their tokens and have a cut off the convenience fees that users will be paying to enjoy the fast exit convenience, again going back to this overriding principle of maximizing community involvement, this is another way for the community to help make the network better and they also get to enjoy some of financial returns from convenience fees so that's a huge deal for the community and that delivers benefits to other users and then on top of that if you're a developer that wants to marry the benefits of decentralization with the power of, for example machine learning, today is just too too expensive to run a machine learning classifier in a smart contract but with our extensible smart contract capability you can invoke a machine learning classifier that's running off chain and bring the results back into your contract and take advantage of these computer science advances that are happening every every day and now we can start bridging the decentralized blockchain world with the machine learning world with a secure computation world with a lot of advanced computational capabilities that until now have been out of reach from smart contract developers.