What is the advantage of OMGX versus other scaling solutions?

That’s a great question and the broader question probably deserves its own talk comparing all the different approaches to scaling. But at a high level, first of all, why did we choose to go down this route of scaling Ethereum through building on Optimism? Because Optimism itself is a modified version of Ethereum, which makes it the approach that is easiest to stay in sync with Ethereum going forward, as Ethereum itself evolves. That forward compatibility, with as little engineering investment as possible, is important to us because it's important to developers. Other approaches that require a much heavier engineering effort to stay in sync with Ethereum would necessarily mean that there will be a longer gap between changes in Ethereum itself, to those changes being emulated in these other L2 approaches.

Why would someone use OMGX versus Optimism? A number of reasons. First, we support Fast Exit out of the gate. The traditional seven-day exit window still exists. If you don’t want to pay the convenience fee and you’re willing to wait seven days to withdraw your funds, you can. But if you don’t want to wait, you can pay the convenience fees and withdraw your funds right away. We’ve designed that mechanism in such a way that it’s market-driven, namely, we’re not dependent on any one specific partner to fund these pools. It’s really up to the community and the market. If there’s demand for additional currency pairs for these swaps across the L1-L2 boundaries, the mechanism is there for a liquidity provider to step up and provide those swaps and make those available to the broader community.

Secondly, we are going to be enhancing OMGX with these off-chain compute capabilities that we’ll cover in later questions. Of course, other chains will have their own innovations as well, but this is something that is unique to us as far as we can tell. It’s important to enable these off-chain compute capabilities because they make it possible for smart contracts to tap into advances in computer science that have happened over the last two decades that non-smart contract developers have gotten used to. This speaks to the point that Jan brought up earlier. It’s important for us to broaden the participation of the community as much as possible. This means enabling as many developers to build on OMGX as we can.