Wen OMGX Mainnet?

All of us are doing absolutely everything we can to have the mainnet launch as quickly as possible. However, it is important to make sure that everything works right. The important consideration here is not only OMGX as a technology, it also has to do with all the other things that need to work right. That's on the deployment and on the CI/CD end and all the infrastructure that's needed to support the entire system. So right now we're spending a lot of time on the deployment side of the story, because we want the entire system to perform gracefully in the limit of a large number of transactions. The only way we can convince ourselves that the system is ready is to test it. We do not have a specific date. We're trying to do this as quickly as possible, consistent with the system scaling up properly when it's hammered by use, and also consistent with the system being safe. We're working on a very aggressive timescale and we are strong believers that the best way to mature a technology, and the best way to test the technology, is to get it out in the open and have people use it. So what we're not going to do is fiddle with it endlessly and try and make it perfect, and fiddle more and try to make it perfect, and delay, delay, delay. So we're finding a balance between convincing ourselves that it does what we want it to do in the limit of a large number of transactions. But we also see great benefit in having the technology out there so people can use it and try it out. We are trying to be as aggressive here as we possibly can.