Security and transparency are two things that people frequently worry about with L2 or off-chain movement.. is there anything that you want to touch on in that realm?

The whole area of verifying that the computations are conducted correctly and there's a way, for whatever reason, the layer two is not doing what it's supposed to be doing. There needs to be a way for the community, for the users, to be able to detect any potential fraudulent transactions and be able to revert any of these transactions that are not supposed to happen in the first place so in the case of an Optimistic Rollup there are processes that are called verifiers and fraud proofers that take on this responsibility. At the highest level at OMG our philosophy is to maximize community involvement as much as possible. The direction we're moving into is to bring our community along in running these verifiers and fraud provers in catching fraud together as a community because the more eyes that are watching the Layer 2; the more secure it's going to be.