Optimism is said to have been delayed because it "requires participation of other protocols, wallets, nodes, and explorers." Why doesn't OMGX have to do the same?

Just to state the obvious, we are incredibly impressed with the engineering that the Optimism team has done. Their technology is the best as far as we can tell, which is why we are building on Optimism. In terms of the delays. We don't have special insight there, so we can't really comment. However, if you think about the participation of protocols, oracles, wallets, nodes, and explorers, that's always going to be true. That's a never-ending aspirational goal to have protocols, oracles, wallets, nodes, and explorers use your technology. So that's going to be something that the Optimism team, and also OMGX, is going to be pursuing for weeks, months, and years. One way to make sure that all those parties participate is to have a mainnet up and running. Maybe it's just a different perspective on how one engages the broader community. Our position is simply by having a mainnet out rapidly, that's probably one of the better ways of ensuring broad engagement by protocols, oracles, wallets, and so forth.