One of the missions of Enya and OMGX is giving users control of their data as people have been moving to browsers that give back a bit more of that privacy and user owned everything is a driving force of the Web 3 revolution. What made this mission important to you?

This mission is super important to us because we have seen the risks of centralizing data around large data lakes or around really centrally controlled entities where the individuals have lost control; once they've handed over the data they've come lost complete control of what happens to the data afterwards and that has led to all kinds of security breaches that we keep hearing in the news. To solve this problem of course one approach could be you could keep erecting higher walls/thicker walls to protect the centralized data repositories but that's an arms race with the attackers. The fundamental way to solve this problem is to not aggregate the data into one central location in the first place so you don't create this honeypot that is attracting all kinds of attackers. One of the best ways is to leave data in the individual's hands; we call it self-sovereignty.. There are many different terms we can throw at it but fundamentally that's the idea and you still, as a user, want personalized services and you do want to take advantage of the data that you have to use the products and services that you want right. This is why we're on this mission to use technology to help bridge that gap.