OMGX is the deliverable of your partnership with OMG. Can you dive into what OMGX is and sort of how it differs from any of previous products from OMG?

OMGX is a new layer two solution that we've built together. It's EVM compatible and if you already have smart contracts that are running on Ethereum main chain, it will take you very little work to migrate to OMGX and start enjoying much lower transaction costs right away. We've launched a public testnet on Rinkeby that you could use today and we're driving as fast as we can towards the mainnet beta. In addition to being EVM compatible, we also have built our own solutions for handling fast exits. When you withdraw your funds, you can certainly still choose to go through that seven day window to wait for your withdrawals or you can pay a small convenience fee and withdraw your funds almost immediately. This is a distinguishing feature that we build in-house based on our research called quasar. In addition to that, we also have a token called OMG that is one of the most widely held tokens in the ecosystem and the whole OMG community is very excited to participate on DeFi protocols that will be deployed on OMGX. We're also adding to this powerful platform the ability for smart contracts to invoke code that runs off chain so you can run them on AWS or other platforms in order to perform computations that are too complex or too expensive to run within a smart contract and we are calling this capability extensible smart contracts.