How will fees be calculated on OMGX?

Well, that's a sort of longer answer. I'm not sure we really have the ability to delve into detail, but based on what we know and based on what we can tell, a realistic number is probably a 50 X saving compared to the mainchain. Numbers that are bandied about that are much larger than that, say 1000 X or 2000 X cost reduction, we are currently unable to recapitulate on how those numbers are arrived at. So we don't see that. As best as we can tell, we're looking at about 50 X cost reduction compared to the mainchain.

Does that mean that there could be a potential for that to improve over time?

Yes, absolutely. Part of that, without wasting people's time on the details, part of has to do with the extent to which certain data elements can be compressed as they're injected into the CTC on the L1. That's easily imaginable to have another 2 X coming off of that, which would bring the total savings up to about 100 X. But in terms of our mainnet, that we're working on, we're looking at 50 X as we get started.