How excited are you for the future of OMG?

Well, we're so excited that this is all we're working on these days.

To add to that, we are super excited. I've now been through three crypto winters. I've been in the space for a while. Based on what I hear from my friends in other parts of the Internet world, in other parts of the "normal business" world, I am more excited than I've ever been for the overall possibility or overall opportunity for the distributed world. I think the L2s are a really really critical part of that. It's almost like a log jam has been broken or a door has been opened. Now finally, all the pieces are coming together that allow us to build on decentralized apps and exchanges that work at scale. We have a very clear technology path to that and the possibility of building something that a very large number of people will be able to use - and will be easy to use - is just incredibly exciting to us. We're totally in love with this, at least speaking for the people I work closely with.