Do you guys think that you could implement some kind of ID verification to maintain regulatory compliance? Having bad actors or sanctioned states operating on a private network can be a cause of issue.

Well the way we look at it is we are part of the whole decentralized infrastructure on which applications are built, so oftentimes the responsibilities for KYC or verifying the identity of the customers or users falls on the application layer as opposed to the infrastructure layer. So we don't see ourselves getting into the business of providing identity verification services. There are many other projects who've been working on solving these challenges especially in the decentralized settings for many years and they're experts at it. We do believe that we provide the most compelling infrastructure to support what they do and we're really hoping that the different regulatory bodies will, over time, learn to appreciate how the decentralized world functions a little differently than a centralized world and come up with regulations that are sensible and protect/keep us safe. Ultimately that's what it's about, keeping consumers safe but at the same time not preventing innovations from blossoming in the decentralized world.