Onboarding Checklist

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Onboarding Checklists

Once you have completed all the checklists below, tick the Done box on this card.

Join the OMG.DAO
Checklist 1
Go to OMG.DEV and Connect with OMGX
Redeem your free OMG Credit for one DAO Membership
Log into ETHmail
Checklist 2
Complete Checklist 1
Click Log into ETHmail
Click on Using Ethereum Address
Sign the signature request using Metamask
Log into the OMG.DAO Notion board with your ETHmail address provided here
Now that you have edit powers on this board, tick off the boxes for Checklist 2
Make a comment on your board
Checklist 3
Complete all previous checklists
Add a comment next to your address here so we can complete the onboarding process